Saturday, May 2, 2009

[Hindi_Jokes] Biggest Diamond Mining Unit...a true wonder!!~-

hindi jokes

Biggest Diamond Mining Unit...a true wonder!!~~

Take a look at biggest open diamond mine in the world. It is not from the next "Star Wars" film, it is real!!!

This giant truck BELAZ (200-220 ton payload ) looks like small spot on next picture...

Here with small red arrow the track BELAZ 7350 is pointed and Mirny
city on the horizon line above...

Mirny, Russia , East Siberia .
525 m deep, 1200 meters in diameter. The air zone within this mine is closedfor helicopters - happened a few accidents when they were "sucked in"by downward air flow...

Track dimensions are: Length 13360 mm,
Width 7780 mm,
Height 6650 mm
And finally look from a satellite:

upper city on the map and at the right corner you can see the map of Russia

hindi jokes

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