Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[Hindi_Jokes] Hindi Jokes Group mails directly to your blogspot


Mere pyare doston.Kaise hai aap?

Kya aap chahte hai ki hamare pyare pyare
group posts aap ke pyare pyare blogger blogspot
me be publish ho?


To mai aap ke lie aap ke blogspot me groups ke sare mails
post karunga.

See example of my posting at http://mainmailsgroup.blogspot.com/

Aap ko sir aap ke blogspot par mujhe author banana hoga
is  id par     "ganeshkumble2010@gmail.com"

Here is simple seps to add me as your blospot author

1) Go to settings
2) Click on Permission button
3) Click Add Authors button
4)  Put my email id
ganeshkumble2010@gmail.com and click invite.

Now it will be my pleasure to write in your blog for you.

Thanking you.
Ganesh Kumble

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