Saturday, April 9, 2011

[Hindi_Jokes] Love 2 All My Friendzz


You're Everyday Sweethearts

Dearest Sweethearts

Do You Know

Each Email Or, Voice Message

Is a Gift that Sends My Heart Aglow?

I'Ve Been so Blessed Even Through Strife

By Having Each Of You In My Life

Never Doubt Or Disbelieve

How My Friends And Family...

Mean the World to Me

For Each are Added...

To My Heartstrings Eternally

There Are Some Cases

Days Go By I Don't Hear From You

Then a Smile Comes Across My Face

When I Get a Phone Call ,Email,Or Hear

You Via Voice Message...

In My Emails Your,

Sweet Words Are Placed

Indeed My Life Is Richer By Far

Since God Gifted Me ,

With You Sweethearts

For My Life's Richer Because Of You

Caring and Sharing In All You Do

You're All My Special Sweethearts

Please Accept This Poem

I Wrote It to Each Of You

Hugs And Love to One And All

God Bless You!!!

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