Monday, February 17, 2014

[Hindi Jokes] 25 Unpublished Photos From National Geographi c?s Archives


To honor its 125th year of publication, the iconic yet ever-evolving National Geographic magazine has released many never-before-seen photographs from its archives via an incredibly user-friendly and modern Tumblr account. The professionally curated collection of these photos goes by the name of FOUND, and gives us a clear vision (often startlingly so) of lost decades and cultures that may seem unreal against a present-day backdrop.
Below is a highlighted collection of 25 time-capsule images that were once lost, but now are FOUND.

National Geographic 1917 World War One Dog
A WWI soldier bandages a Red Cross canine helper, 1917.
1963 Ontario Kids
Children playing at sunset in Ontario, Canada, 1963.
National Geographic 1950s Snake Feeding
Force-feeding a shake to ensure its venom supply, 1950.
National Geographic Ojibway
A portrait of an Ojibway, or Native Chippewa Indian girl, 1907.
National Geographic 1998 Peruvian Nuns Ball
Nuns in Peru, taking a break to toss a ball around, 1998.
Gramophone Dog 1911
During an expedition of the South Pole, a dog enjoys the gramophone, 1911
National Geographic 1977 Murmansk Kids
Kids in Murmansk, Soviet Union endure their daily dose of Vitamin D by lamp-light, 1977.
National Geographic Flag Sewing
A child looks on as stars are being carefully sewn to a US flag, 1917.
National Geographic 1975 Abu Dhabi
Patrons of a KFC in Abu Dhabi, 1975.
1919 Police Dog Bites
A police dog biting some ankles during a training exercise, 1919.
National Geographic 1974 Sugar Beet Farming
Women farming in sugar beet fields, 1974.
National Geographic 1932 Canadian Railway
Inside a Canadian Railway classroom, 1932.
National Geographic 1969 Ragtime Piano
A Ragtime piano man enjoying the spotlight, 1969.
1936 LaSalle Station
A man roaming Chicago's famous LaSalle Street train station, 1936.
National Geographic 1969 Neon
Marines walk the San Diego streets amid neon signs, 1969.
National Geographic 1938 Drugstore Cowboy
A Drugstore Cowboy prepares to make deliveries, 1938.
National Geographic 1967 Yellowstone Bison
Bison roaming Yellowstone Park, 1967.
1939 Blue Ribbon Mare
A blue-ribbon winning mare with its owner in Waterloo, Iowa, 1939.
National Geographic 1967 Chicago Balcony
The Chicago skyline is a backdrop for rooftop partygoers, 1967.
National Geographic 1941 Dog Leaping Over Woman
Leaping canines don't disturb this woman's reading, 1941.
National Geographic 1966 Irish Guard Down
Members of the Irish Guard dutifully ignore their fainted comrade, 1966.
1941 Razor X-Ray
An x-ray demonstration of the new Westinghouse electric razor, 1941.
National Geographic 1964 Aida Opera
A performance of the opera, Aida, in New York City, 1964.
1956 Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls illuminated with rainbow flood lights, 1956.
1963 Caracas Venezuela
Long exposure of Caracas, Venezuela as a metropolis, 1963.

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