Wednesday, March 19, 2014

[Hindi Jokes] Zindagi doston mei mila karti hai...




Not Blood,


An ELECTRICIAN, to Restore the Current between People, Who do not Speak to Each Other Anymore.

An OPTICIAN, to Change the Outlook of People.

An ARTIST, to Draw a Smile on Everyone's Face.

A CONSTRUCTION WORKER, to Build a Bridge between Neighbours.

A GARDENER, to Cultivate Good Thoughts.


Last But Not The Least 
A MATHS TEACHER, for All of Us to Relearn How to Count on Each Other....


What is old age?

A cool Reply,

"When you start turning off lights for economical reasons 

rather than romantic reasons.."


Police Why didn't you report your stolen credit card?

Santa: The thief is spending less then my wife.


उससे कह दो कि मेरी सजा कुछ कम कर दे,

हम पेशे से मुजरिम नहीं हैं 

बस गलती से इश्क हुआ था.............


One of d best msg...

Zindagi doston mei mila karti hai...

Aur ye dost bhi bade ajeeb hote hai...

Dene pe aayen to jaan deden ; Lene pe aayen to hansi tak chheen len...

Kehne pe aayen to dil ke tamam raaz tak keh den ; Chhupane pe aaye toh yeh tak na bataye k khafa kyu hain...

Naraaz hone pe aayen to sans tak na lene den ; Manane pe aaye to apni sanson ko vaar den...

Yaaron kisi ne sahi kaha hai :

Dost zindagi mei nahi mila karte,

Balki zindagi "doston" mei mila karti hai...!!!

Dedicated to all my dear friends..!!!!


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